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About the Founder

Viktoras Jucikas,

YPlan Ideation Stage

YPlan Execution

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My reflection on YPlan failure

[1] No ladies on board at the top management position, only a bunch of geek.

[2] Start with the idea of building a billion dollar business.

[3] Competition like Facebook, Fever, etc…High burn rate, loss ~$6.5m last years

[4] Big spending on marketing plot with A list celebrities.

[5] Has to few location, only 3 locations after 3 years and poor software.

[6] Pivoting without navigating, which mean high development cost.

[7] Top management as no clue about the event discoveries value proposition.

[8] YPlan as more than 1 million download but zero user retention.

We build Distributed Collaborative System (DCSs)